"O" artists

1201 Originally By: Scott Hoying Mitch Grassi Kirstie Maldonado Avi Kaplan Kevin Olusola 3 tabs 1202 Originally By Avicii Ft Robbie Williams 1 tabs 1203 Originally By Bastille 1 tabs 1204 Originally By Benny Goodman 1 tabs 1205 Originally By Carl Espen 1 tabs 1206 Originally By Delta Rae Arranged By Morgan Brann 1 tabs 1207 Originally By Disclosure And Sam Smith Mashup By Pentatonix Arranged By Abel Rodriguez 1 tabs 1208 Originally By Disclosure And Sam Smith Mashup By Pentatonix Arranged By Zach Mccartney 1 tabs 1209 Originally By Ellie Goulding 1 tabs 1210 Originally By Fall Out Boy Arranged By Josh Marzak Re-Arranged For Orchestra By Gabe Stoff 1 tabs 1211 Originally By The Fleet Foxes 1 tabs 1212 Originally By Glenn Miller 1 tabs 1213 Originally By A-Ha 1 tabs 1214 Originally By Hans Zimmer Arranged By Connor Jones 1 tabs 1215 Originally By Hugh Laurie Covered By Octavio Vazquez 1 tabs 1216 Originally By Hunter Thompson 1 tabs 1217 Originally By Imagine Dragons 1 tabs 1218 Originally By Imogen Heap 1 tabs 1219 Originally By Jason Derulo 1 tabs 1220 Originally By Joe Hisaishi Arranged By Doulgas Swayne 1 tabs 1221 Originally By John Newton 1877 Arranged By Kate Bingham 1 tabs 1222 Originally By Linked Horizon 1 tabs 1223 Originally By Psy Vocals Arrangement Yang 1 tabs 1224 Originally By Two Steps From Hell 1 tabs 1225 Originally Composed And Arranged By John Williams 1 tabs 1226 Originally Composed By (Lostperson)迷人 Pre-Corrected And Uploaded By Giovanni "q*be" Maiorca 2 tabs 1227 Originally Composed By: Koji Kondo 1 tabs 1228 Originally Composed By: Miracleofsound 1 tabs 1229 Originally Composed By: Scott Hoying Mitch Grassi Kirstie Maldonado Avi Kaplan Kevin Olousa 1 tabs 1230 Originally Composed By: Scott Hoying Mitch Grassi Kirstie Maldonado Avi Kaplan Kevin Olusola 1 tabs 1231 Originally Composed By Anonymus Arranged By Giovanni "q*be" Maiorca 1 tabs 1232 Originally Composed By Bethoven 1St Rearranged By : Banya 2Nd Reaaranged By : Jzehan 1 tabs 1233 Originally Composed By Brad Fiedel 1 tabs 1234 Originally Composed By Danny Elfman 1 tabs 1235 Originally Composed By Ella Yelich Oconnor Joel Little 1 tabs 1236 Originally Composed By Hans Zimmer Elton John And Tim Rice Arranged By Sean Duguid 1 tabs 1237 Originally Composed By Howard Shore 1 tabs 1238 Originally Composed By Jonathan Coulton 1 tabs 1239 Originally Composed By Jun Ishikawa Arranged By Tim W Smith 1 tabs 1240 Originally Composed By Mildred J And Patty S Hill 1 tabs 1241 Originally Composed By Richard Strauss Swaggily Arranged By Q*be 1 tabs 1242 Originally Composed By Yoko Shimomura Arranged By Bryce Styles 1 tabs 1243 Originally From Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials And Tribulations Arr Mark 1 tabs 1244 Originally Perfomed By Nico And Vinz Maroon 5 1 tabs 1245 Originally Performed By 2 tabs 1246 Originally Performed By: Andrea Bocelli 1 tabs 1247 Originally Performed By Andrea Bocelli Arranged By James Mason 1 tabs 1248 Originally Performed By Andy Grammer 4 tabs 1249 Originally Performed By Clean Bandit 2 tabs 1250 Originally Performed By Demi Lovato 3 tabs 1251 Originally Performed By Fall Out Boy 2 tabs 1252 Originally Performed By A Great Big World Ft Christina Aguilera 1 tabs 1253 Originally Performed By Nelly Arranged By: Christina Grimmie Sam Tsui Kurt Schneider Transcribed B 1 tabs 1254 Originally Performed By Paramore 5 tabs 1255 Originally Performed By Rihanna Mikky Ekko And Sam Smith 1 tabs 1256 Originally Performed By Sara Bareilles 2 tabs 1257 Originally Performed By Straight No Chaser Ft Kristen Bell 1 tabs 1258 Original Lyrics And Nusic By Stevie Wonder Arranged By Douglas Swayne 3 tabs 1259 Originally Songs By Koji Kondo Piano Transcription By Anthony R 1 tabs 1260 Originally Sung By Ed Sheeran Arr By Eric (Of Single) 2 tabs 1261 Originally Sung By Taylor Swift 1 tabs 1262 Originally Written And Arranged By Michael Giacchino 1 tabs 1263 Originally Written And Performed By Da Vincis Notebook Arr Alex Charles 1 tabs 1264 Originally Written By Jon Foreman Version Written By Kyle Dinshah 1 tabs 1265 Original Melody: Mia Valencia 1 tabs 1266 Original Musica Y Letra Consuelo Velazques 2 tabs 1267 Original Music By David Hodges And Christina Perri 1 tabs 1268 Original Music By Hans Zimmer 1 tabs 1269 Original Music By John Carpenter 1 tabs 1270 Original Music By Junichi Masuda 3 tabs 1271 Original Music By Kajiura Yuki 1 tabs 1272 Original Music By Koji Kondo 6 tabs 1273 Original Music By Koji Kondo Arranged By Bryan Hammer 1 tabs 1274 Original Music By Martin Odonnell And Michael Salvatori 4 tabs 1275 Original Music By Radiohead 1 tabs 1276 Original Music By Roger Waters Arr Evan Tolle 1 tabs 1277 Original Music By Stephen Schwartz 1 tabs 1278 Original Music By Yasunori Mitsuda 1 tabs 1279 Original Music Composed By: Mmc418 1 tabs 1280 Original Paris Swing 1 tabs 1281 Original Piece By Imagine Dragons Rearranged By Bee 1 tabs 1282 Original Piece By Murray Gold 4 tabs 1283 Original Remix By Iosys 1 tabs 1284 The Original Rudeboys 21 tabs 1285 The Originals 25 tabs 1286 Original Score And Lyrics By Andrew Lloyd Webber Arranged By Ghostytrickster 1 tabs 1287 Original Score By: Emily Bear 1 tabs 1288 Original Score By: Oliver Stroud 1 tabs 1289 Original Score By Alan Menken 1 tabs 1290 Original Score By Brian Tyler And Alan Silvestri Arranged By Originalclown8 1 tabs 1291 Original Score By Brian Tyler And Alan Silvestri Arranged For Piano By Originalclown8 Re-Arranged By 2 tabs 1292 Original Score By Coldplay Arranged By Dylan Greenwoo 1 tabs 1293 Original Score By Hans Zimmer Arr By Brendan Boone Updated By Mmc418 1 tabs 1294 Original Score By John Williams Piano Arr By Jediblase1 Trans By David Mccaulley 1 tabs 1295 Original Score By Vince Guarald Arr By Hal Lennord Orchestreated By Logan Weingarten 2 tabs 1296 Original Show Created By: Brandon Reed 1 tabs 1297 Original Song: Bart Howard 1 tabs 1298 Original Song Alpha By Daniel Rosenfeld C418 Arranged For Percussion Ensemble By Ian Jones 1 tabs 1299 Original Song By "marchfourth" 1 tabs 1300 Original Song By Braken Transcription By Matthew Gunter 1 tabs