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Feedbacks are awesome

Ok, so here is great users' feedback compilation:

1. I have no idea who is your designer but please fired him. I am sure he/she has some hormonal issues + a medical condition in his/her eyes (possible problem: blindness).

2. Holy shit I love the new flat design, good job 911tabs.

3. You guys totally f***ed up this website with this new layout. It does not function well, songs are harder to find because shit isn't alphabetical order, and its less friendly to the browsers than your old format that worked perfectly fine. You fixed something that wasn't broke.......

4. I love your site!! specially by the simplicity.

5. Well, this was my Favourite Site for Tabs etc. Now it just sucks. Sorry Dudes, but please go back to the roots!!!

6. I didn't visit the site for some time, and wow... the new design is really awesome, it looks modern and works so good that when I saw the feedback button I just could not resist! Good job!

7. The new design looks awesome. Even on mobile. Only the VERY sticky ultimate guitar ads are a bit annoying. Besides that. Great job!

8. I just figured I'd let you all know I, as a regular site-goer, really love the new look. I'm a hobby guitarist who is constantly looking up tabs for a quick learn, and the upgrade is definitely welcome. It's sleek, modern, flat, hip, and you guys really did a great job with the revamp. Keep it up! I've used the site for quite a long time now and I'd love to have it as a permanent resource!

That feeling when users love new design

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