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Great way to learn guitar for French users!

Lately our French guitarists launched Unizic

Unizic's concept is to teach how to sing and play musical instruments by videoconference where, when and how thier students want to. I guess it can be really helpful for you to learn via Skype calls and get feedback from teachers and other users!

Unizic 40 minuts to teach

Here is more info:

Unizic was created a few monthes ago by the Institut de Culture Musicale (Musical Culture Institute), which is a famous music school since 1988. As an evolution of consumer habits and technology, the ICM decided to create a new concept of teaching methods: teaching music via skype.

Users can choose where and when to take lessons. You just need a computer/tablet/mac and Skype. Unizic can teach as beginners as professionals how to sing and how to play all the instruments, through the music style they want.

Unizic benefits from the 25 year experience of the ICM, its passionated team and its experimented teachers. We will find the teacher who will match your expectations!

Just try Unizic, the first lesson is free!

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