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Operation "Make-up"

Hey all!

Today I'm gonna tell you about our operation "Make-up". It's hard to believe that almost a year ago we've launched new design for 911tabs. But didn't stop to working on its beauty.

Here are 5 "big" changes in design:

1. When you search for artists you can see new block with artist image, "Add to favorites" button and 3 top songs. You can also find artist song on SoundCloud to hear them!

Search results for artist on 911tabs

2. New logo was made quickly. Simple and flat:

911tabs logo

3. New home page with no ads and clean layout. Actually we took Duckduckgo design as a key point and created our own.

Don't forget to add 911tabs to your web browser bookmarks by clicking on "Add to bookmarks"!

911tabs home page

4. Then we took vacation :)

That pigeons! Who they think they are?

911tabs on vacation

And also our designer got married!

911tabs designers wedding

5. Last week we changed header, so now it is more compact and you can use search with no need to scroll back top to use it!

911tabs header

6. Finally, now you can add backgrounds to the songs you like!911tabs change cover

Hope all of you, who read this post, will help us to change all page cover for each song we have!

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