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Survey results

Several days ago we made a survey to know a little bit about our users and here are some results:

It's interesting that 33.3% of our users can not play barre chords:
911tabs user servey: barre chords
Being begginer I actually couldn't play barre chords either.  So, you should practice more and your hands will become stronger with time.
Here are some tips to skill up guitar:

Check this site to master your guitar skills.

A half of our users just want to play songs. Other 42% want to learn tabs. 8% play tabs in their bands - great job guys. And only 2.1% want to impress smb with their preformance.
911tabs servey: why do users find tabs?

Another great opening for us is that 73% hold guitars when browsing 911tabs. So, we thought: "hey, a lot of users hold guitar. They definitly need to tune it." So, we'll add tuner soon.
911tabs servey: hold guitar

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