What’s happening at 911tabs.com

You want it, you got it!

In the past year we launched small survey and received many feedbacks upon site performance.

Finally we've fixed the issue for our returning users! Now tabs will open on separate page rather on a layout on the same page causing low performance problems.

911tabs frame

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

That was a quite good year with lots of events in website and our life.

Thanks for your #911selfies! I guess we'll make some #911covers next time for you to promote your videos on YouTube.

Thanks for your feedbacks. Now we've got many ideas how to improve our service.

We've already celebrated New Year in our company :)WSM UG 911tabs New Year

By the way, our CEO is playing on the lead guitar on the photo.

In next year we'll focus on UX and features for users.

Happy New Year!

Enhanced user profile


Recently our hands reached the oldest part of 911tabs - user profile. I can say now that it'll be a single page for all actions!

Take a brief look:

911tabs new user profile

I guess it'll be ready in next year, so want to hear any your feedback!

911tabs 10 years anniversary

It's hard to believe that we've reached such day.

In 2004 we thought: "Hey, we've got a tab website. Let's make a new one, so people could find us!" Note: there were no big search engines like Google.

So, on 15 Oct 2004 we've launched www.911tabs.com

911tabs old main page

For that time it was awesome website with lots of features and information for guitarits.

911tabs old artist page

911tabs old song page

For the 6 years we did nothing with it. But now Internet grows quick and we try to follow that trend.

911tabs new home page

It's a really big step and many other features and stories will come true soon.

Thanks all!

Your 911tabs team

911tabs team

LOL pictures uploaded by users

Recently we've added new feature, so any 911tabs user could upload photos of artists as backgrounds for our song pages, for example:

911tabs song pages with backgrounds

But the following pictures blows up!

911tabs background image911tabs background image911tabs background image

911tabs background image

911tabs background image911tabs background image

We've got only one question:

911tabs da fck meme

Operation "Make-up"

Hey all!

Today I'm gonna tell you about our operation "Make-up". It's hard to believe that almost a year ago we've launched new design for 911tabs. But didn't stop to working on its beauty.

Here are 5 "big" changes in design:

1. When you search for artists you can see new block with artist image, "Add to favorites" button and 3 top songs. You can also find artist song on SoundCloud to hear them!

Search results for artist on 911tabs

2. New logo was made quickly. Simple and flat:

911tabs logo

3. New home page with no ads and clean layout. Actually we took Duckduckgo design as a key point and created our own.

Don't forget to add 911tabs to your web browser bookmarks by clicking on "Add to bookmarks"!

911tabs home page

4. Then we took vacation :)

That pigeons! Who they think they are?

911tabs on vacation

And also our designer got married!

911tabs designers wedding

5. Last week we changed header, so now it is more compact and you can use search with no need to scroll back top to use it!

911tabs header

6. Finally, now you can add backgrounds to the songs you like!911tabs change cover

Hope all of you, who read this post, will help us to change all page cover for each song we have!

Do you like Iron Maiden?

Some time ago we've posted funny picture on facebook:

Iron Maiden vs One Direction

And it got 579.840 people reach and MORE than 6.000 likes!!!

So, do you really like Iron Maiden and dislike 1D?

P.S.: as for us we do like IM.

Great way to learn guitar for French users!

Lately our French guitarists launched Unizic

Unizic's concept is to teach how to sing and play musical instruments by videoconference where, when and how thier students want to. I guess it can be really helpful for you to learn via Skype calls and get feedback from teachers and other users!

Unizic 40 minuts to teach

Here is more info:

Unizic was created a few monthes ago by the Institut de Culture Musicale (Musical Culture Institute), which is a famous music school since 1988. As an evolution of consumer habits and technology, the ICM decided to create a new concept of teaching methods: teaching music via skype.

Users can choose where and when to take lessons. You just need a computer/tablet/mac and Skype. Unizic can teach as beginners as professionals how to sing and how to play all the instruments, through the music style they want.

Unizic benefits from the 25 year experience of the ICM, its passionated team and its experimented teachers. We will find the teacher who will match your expectations!

Just try Unizic, the first lesson is free!

Music to be heard


Last week heard great tracks from one of our users and his band Intoxicated Illusions. Especially their progressive rock album "Conceptual reality" got my attention.

Check them out: http://intoxicatedillusions.bandcamp.com/

#911selfie pr your photo on home page

Hey all,

We've finally fixed all bugs with ads (if you saw blank page with tons of ads) and released #911selfie page, ratings, comments, etc.

So, just take a selfie, upload it on G+, Facebook or Twitter with #911selfie hashtag and you'll get on our Home page! We'll rotate 4 latest photos each week.

#911selfie guitar genius meme